PHARM Dog Needs

  • Dog Food
  • Vet Meds
  • Vet Care
  • Collars, Leashes, Bowls
  • Kennels
  • Dog Houses
  • More Trainers
  • Training Center
  • Money to meet program needs
As a not-for-profit organization, we are eligible for
company matched donations if your employer offers them.

If you're interested in donating, contact Jackie Allenbrand

Monetary donations may also be sent to:

"PHARM Dog USA" Account
Great Western Bank
224 West Wood
Albany, MO 64402

P.O. Box 161
Albany, MO 64402

P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA is a 501c3 Organization
Now Accepting Donations through PayPal

We are grateful to our many sponsors and supporters for the time and money they have contributed to the PHARM Dog USA project.

Thank you to Cargill for their generous donations
of dog food.

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