Meet Our Dogs 

This is Annie and Buddy riding on the flabed of the pickup. 
They are afraid they will miss out on something if they don't
go along.

The white border collie pup Tuff is just 7 mo. old (April 2014),
but he is going to be big.  Annie our own 7 year old dog is trying to whip this young guy into shape.

Chris and future farm hand Tuff (Nov. 2013).

Bruce, Alda, Rick and Odie after our P.H.A.R.M. Dog presentation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the APRIL Conference.

Meet Duke, our most recent placement, with his new owner
Troy, who lives in Nebraska. Duke's duties will include helping Troy sort and load cattle at the 1200 head heifer development operation where Troy works in Kansas. Duke, formerly homeless, was donated by a kind family that he followed home while they were out for a walk. He was trained by Don McKay from Iowa.
At their first meeting Duke and Troy made a great connection and we're sure they will both benefit from this arrangement.

Photo by Jessica Stewart/St. Joseph News-Press      
Trainer Renee Riegel, from Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue in Ohio, works with Odie and Bruce on the farm.

Jackie Allenbrand and her first demonstration dog Kristy. Kristy could open gates, ride in the tractor, carry buckets, and retrieve tools.

Photo by Amber Duran, Christian County Headliner News.
Trained border collie Bones is anxious to please and work for
his new owner, Larry Dollarhide.

This farmer's smile says it all.  Jim & Jen will get acquainted
over the winter months and then the pup will be ready to start training next spring.

Odie loaded up and ready to go.  He is a great ambassador
for the P.H.A.R.M. Dog program.

Photo by Jessica Stewart/St. Joseph News-Press      
Odie is trained to fetch things for Bruce.  They worked together
on these skills with Renee Riegel at Bruce's farm.

Odie hands Bruce a hammer.

Odie at work.

Jim with his new dog Dixon. Dixon was placed in August 2012.
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